Investors can invest in Kikkin's projects: 
offer up to 1% a.m. guaranteed return.

Choose the ideal, value, modeling and timing.

Talk to Kikkin, and let's study the best premises, vocations, earnings, expectations, and build a model that makes sense and represents a real win-win opportunity.



R$ 200k

R$ 500k

R$ 1000k

6 months

1 year

2 years


R$ 210k

R$ 557k

R$ 1270k





Our proposal is to have more resources to finance Kikkin's projects that prioritize the development of financial ecosystems in regions of Brazil that demand more effort, more flexibility and dedication to fulfill our role, our purpose.

More trees

to generate families income

Credit access

to generate opportunities


in finance for kids


to generate integration

Yes, you lend to Kikkin within a defined timeframe and guaranteed return.

With resources, Kikkin will carry out projects that prioritize social indicators, neediest regions and ecosystems.

Kikkin works, society wins, and our investors have a guaranteed return.

Joins us, invest and make your profit!

Get to know the conditions, read carefully and make your decision.


Congratulations on your interest and if all goes well, thank you very much!